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Children & Family

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How amazing to have your new baby in your arms. Soft, tender and beautiful little newborn baby. These precious first weeks are unforgettable and will pass so quickly you wouldn't even realise. One of the most special time in your life is full of happiness, pure love and intimacy. Our aim is to capture these very spacial moments of your new  life and your new baby. 

Having a photo session at your home allows you and your baby to feel perfectly comfortable and relaxed. We know that  newborn babies are sensitive and they prefer warm temperature and quiet, peaceful place.

During the session Imre works together with you to create beautiful images where your newborn is in the focus. Imre will use natural light as much as he can. On the photo session Imre absolutely respects  the babies needs and he waits patiently while you feed your baby, change the nappy, sooth him, etc. That is the reason we offer up to 4 hours photo session for newborns. We know very well how the life is with a newborn baby. Imre also knows how to position your baby safely.

Newborn photo session is for babies from birth to 6 weeks old.

Some parents would like to use props to create an artistic or funny image of their baby. If you would like to use any, please bring them along to the session. 

The session is open to close family members; Mummy, Partner and siblings (up to 3 children) are more then welcome to be together with the new baby on the photos, but the focus always will be on the newborn.

Photographing children is always a great fun for both photographer and children from babies to teens, too. Children are full of happiness and energy and they love to show their personality, beauty, cheekiness, playfulness...they are just vibrating. 

Whether the photos have been taken lifestyle or styled, at your home or an outside location most children are really enjoying the photo shoot as they feel that something special happens to them even if they are photographed often by phones or other devices. Having a photographer around them is always a remarkable experience. Altough the shoot is very exciting for them, they usually get bored easily. Therefore Imre captures the photos quickly and effectively to make sure children stay fresh and cooperative until the end of the session. Usually a children photography session lasts up to 2 hours according to the children's ability to concentrate. Parents may join in during the shoot are welcome but the focus is always on your child/children.

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To see a family as a whole is always a warm spot in people's heart. Most of the families have their own family photos on their walls or in their albums. How about you? Would family photos delight your day every time you look at them? These kind of beautiful photos are magical because they encourage every single member of your family to see the positive aspects of your life. They remind you those special moments when you all were having a great time together.

On the family photo session Imre concentrates on capturing the uniqueness of your family, and the connection between you to create lasting memories for your family. Our ultimate aim with the photography session is to excite you by capturing you and your family's personality with creativity.

The photo shoot can take place at your home or at an agreed outside location. 

Some family may like to use props such as hats, teddy, instrument, balloon etc.If you would like to use any, please bring along them.

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