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Meet the team

We are Imre and Agnes who work together as a team in ICSmemories photography. We also work as a team in our private life; we are a married couple with two gorgeous young children: a boy and a girl. 


My husband, Imre captures the beautiful images with his professional equipment and with his vast knowledge and experience of photography. He creates digital photographs by carefully selecting the best ones and retouching them before presentation.

My role is to keep in touch with our clients, maintain our website and marketing. However we work as a team helping and supporting each other to provide the highest standard service for our clients. 

It is very important for us to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the images and we do everything possible for you to match your expectations with our service. 


We have been on the other side of the camera many years ago when we had our wedding. We do remember the excitement on the day hoping that everything will be perfect on our big day. Styled and lifestyle photographs are treasured since then and time to time we sit down and go through the images with smile on our face and love in our heart. Our children love these photos to see Mummy and Daddy on their special day, too. Photos about me having a bump, images of our newborns, family photographs, birthday celebration memories are all our heirloom. Some of them are decorating our walls, some of them are in Nanny's album, some of them became presents for Christmas and the possibility to enjoy these photos nearly endless.


Our personal life experience helps us understand the high importance of these remarkable occasions and to stop the time for one moment, the moment which never comes back and freeze it for decades and beyond. By these beautiful photos you are able to fly back in time and remember your feelings, touch, emotions, atmosphere, love what you felt at that time.


Our mission and passion is to create images about YOU...about your unique personality for you and for your family.

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